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Food. Don't Waste It!

I found this image in Edible Manhattan today, and was so taken with how perfectly this sums up the way we should be thinking about food. I'm wondering why it took so long for this poster to resurface (it was created in 1917), and how it took us almost a century to figure out we had it right in the first place. It's fun to wonder about what a different place the world would be if this was a billboard flashing loudly in Times Square, and recited each morning in elementary school classrooms like the Pledge of Allegiance. Sound extreme? Perhaps. But after all, without food, where would we be? 

Other great US Food Administration Posters are preserved in the University of Nebraska Libraries, with messages like Be Patriotic, Sign your Country's Pledge to Save the Food, and Eat Less Wheat Meat Sugar and Fats and are not only beautiful, but brilliant.