The Best Chocolate for S'Mores

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I'm kinda hoping after yesterday's post that you're all geared up for camping this weekend. I want to hear about it! I leave you with this parting wisdom. You'll need s'mores fixings, naturally. Splurge a little on the chocolate. Here are my three favorite chocolate bars for making s'mores.

Sweet Dreams & Happy Weekend!  xo


Glamping + All-Purpose Griddle Cakes {plus, camping tricks only Boy Scouts know!}

photos by sara Remington

The coming of labor day has me itching to go camping. I'm not talking about glamping--I mean real, hardcore camping. When I grew up, camping was a pop-tent trailer {ahem, that I once fell out of when I was 18 months old} or a utilitarian-tan canvas tent on wooden flats, ala Girl Scouts Troop 209 {and girl scouts, if you're reading this, what your counselor tells you about not keeping sweets or snacks in your tent for fear of raccoon raids IS true!}. 

There's a lot of fuss about modern day luxury camps, and I'll admit that though we were hardcore pre-babe, traveling with only a two-person tent, down-filled sleeping bags and my stash of {yard-sale} curated enamel and stainless camping cookware, I'm tempted by those upscale options now. I might even have collected a few fantasy ideas for luxe camping set-ups on my pinterest pages. But the truth is, to live large in a tent, all you really need is a smallish cast-iron pan, a reliable camping stove and an equally dependable recipe for griddle cakes, preferably that you've mixed up in advance. Stash the dry goods in a plastic bag and throw into your ice chest along with a few eggs, a stick of butter and milk, which you'll need anyway for coffee when the early morning light creeps in through the cracks in your tent. 

There's a good deal about camping in the Escapes chapter of my book, The Newlywed Cookbook, because it was in a tent that I truly fell in love with my hubby, watching him maneuver the wilderness like, well, a mountaineer. Swoon. And I'm not going to say that my handiness with my little cast-iron pan didn't have some sway on his heart, too. I made veggie paella for dinner {okay, a little overkill for camping} and these griddle cakes the next morning. Whatever your style of camping is, cooking on a live fire or the flicker of a camp-stove flame is the surest way to a simpler life, which we could probably all use a little dose of, if only for a night. 
photos by sara remington 

{Glamp Like a Pro} Griddle Cakes

At home, mix together 3/4 cup/ 90 grams white whole-wheat/wholemeal flour, 1/4 cup/ 35 grams cornmeal or semolina flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt in a sturdy plastic or stainless steel container big enough to stir your batter in the next day. At the campsite, add 1 egg and 1 cup/240 ml of the milk you brought for coffee. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in the cast-iron skillet, pour into the batter. Seal the container tightly and shake it around to mix well, or stir with a fork. Add an extra pat of butter to the skillet. Pour about 3 tablespoonfuls of pancake batter {you can eyeball this} into the skillet and cook until bubbly. Flip with a spatula to cook through. Repeat with remaining batter, adding a little more butter if you like extra crispy edges.  Serve with pure maple syrup and wild berries. When you’re all done, wipe the skillet with paper towel/absorbent paper so it’s ready for lunch.


Postcards from Hungary

After Hungary and Helsinki, Chicago and San Francisco -- all the places I've been in the last 30 days, I'm here at my desk, in New York. But my mind is still far, far away, in our quiet kitchen in a small village in the Bakony, eating Guylas with my tiny girl, the summer sun streaming in on her back...
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