To Market, for Sour Cherries

In many parts of the country today is a market day. Except in my little corner of the world where the market just 40 yards from my front door doesn’t open until July. Instead of lamenting the fact that my borough is a beat behind, I’m digging into the tastes and textures of the world markets featured in the latest issue of Saveur , which pays tribute to this season’s produce all around the globe.

The issue also features my article about the plump, glimmering sour cherries that pop up this time of the year all over Hungary, and in the Veszprem farmer’s market where we shop when we visit. And it’s perfect timing, since tomorrow is the first day of July which means cherries –sweet, golden, ruby red or sour— will likely be popping up in you’re your corner of the world too.

{Anya's Sour Cherry Cake, click here for the recipe

AndrĂ¡s mother, whom we call Anya {mother}, turns her sour cherries into a simple toothsome sponge cake she calls kevert meggyesem {my mixed sour cherries} made with graham flour, the perfect compliment to your cherry of choice. Saveur also published her recipe, so now it can be yours too. 


Tim Vidra said...

Do not forget that fabulous Cherry Soup!

the constant hunger said...

Just read your article in my issue of "Saveur." Mouth-watering recipe. Great blog.

sarah said...

Thank you! If you try the cake I'd LOVE to hear what you think! My friend Carolyn, of Taste Hungary, just posted her mother-in-law's version of a similar cake, with sour cherries and ground walnuts. It sounds like another delicious version! Here it is:


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