G is for Grateful {and Baby Girl}

l.i.c, ny ~ January 2011

I've sat down no less than a dozen times to write since November 2, 2010, though most times I get called away to a greater cause. That was the day that beautifully, miraculously changed our world forever. That was the day we welcomed our new baby girl to the world.

There's no story, no recipe, no anecdote grand enough, special enough to say what is simply said like this ~ oh joy, we are a family! Introducing Greta, the most delicious creature I've ever laid eyes on.

Happy New Year. May it bring as much joy, delight and divinity to your world as you can dream possible.

~ Sarah


Kymmie said...

She's beautiful. A heartfelt congratulations to you. xx

sarah said...

Thank you Kymmie! I think so, though it could be said that I am biased. :) Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you here again!

Sarah said...

P.S. Kymmie, I just stopped in on your site! Your boys are stunning, your photography glorious and your spirit contagious. I love the fancy pants buttons!

sponge cake press said...

she is beautiful and a style queen already!

can just envision her baking with her mama in the test kitchen creating fabulous treats!

sarah said...

Thank you! We know an excellent designer {Sponge Cake Press}!

And yes, Greta is already my very best little baking bud. Too many goodies for mamma, I'd say. I can't wait until I can share them with her.

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