{a date night show & tell} The Newlywed Cookbook Trailer

it's not supposed to snow in october. not when there's still tomatoes and zucchini at the market. not when the table's set for two on the little cafe table out back. but it did. just a few days after our anniversary. so we had our picnic anyway, on the living room floor. it was one of the best date nights we've had in ages.....

{tremendous thanks to our friends jim & iri, of brakethrough media and panforte productions, who were there too, with their cameras, to give you a peek into what lies inside the pages of The Newlywed Cookbook}


Tim Vidra said...

Great job Sarah! A very kinfolk feel to the video. Loved the trip to the market and also the chanterelle's!


sponge cake press said...

i love this video ~ it just reflects the beauty of your book so much and i adore seeing the food clips of your techniques ~ like a little glimpse into the expert's kitchen! mostly this inspires me to think creatively with my meals, parties and picnics. thank you so much for sharing your skills, style and beautiful recipes with us all!


Laken said...

This is gorgeous. I've watched it 3 times already :)

I tried to find your book for a newly-married couple as a Christmas gift and couldn't find it in a local bookstore, so I've planning to order it online. (But I'm engaged, so I might just keep it for myself :) )

Beautiful work.

Sarah Copeland said...

Tim, I'm so happy to see our name here! And, I love, LOVE your blog! Lucky you to live in lush VA and have so much to write about. I hope you spotted your vintage wares in the book. They are my faves!

Jenny, Sponge Cake Press is a constant source of inspiration to me. I'm so happy I could inspire you back! I want to hear about those picnics and parties. Looking forward to that and more on your site!

Laken, hooray for the web bringing people together. I too love your blog, which I've now just discovered. FARMHOUSE. Just perfect. Full of texture and love. I'm so honored you watched the video three times! I hope the book makes you dip back in over and over again too! I'm sorry it's not at your local bookstore, but you can get on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Nordstrom.com. Happy Engagement ~ This book belongs with you!

georg said...

I loved all the beautiful smiles... so great to see the two of you (even if mediated by a screen). Tell me when we can come for dinner !
bises from over here

mr and mrs guevara said...

I just found your blog via a post on pinterest and then found this beautiful video as I was scrolling back through page after page of delicious recipes, beauty and inspiration. I will definitely be following and looking forward to more lovely post.

Sarah Copeland said...

mr and mrs guevaara,

I'm so glad you came! Thank you, and please, please come again. I so appreciate your generous words!


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