The Barn

{photo by lily odare}

This week I've disappeared to one of my favorite places on earth -- to the cool shelter of the little barn that lured Andras and I to our house in Hurley, NY about this time two years ago. We've put endless hours of work into the house and yard, and it finally, magically feels like home. We escape the city to swing in the hammock under the old apple tree as often as we can, but this week I'm here without Greta and Andras and instead with a team of five amazing creative and dedicated gals shooting my new book, Mostly Vegetarian. 

I couldn't think of a more peaceful place to turn a year's worth of writing and recipes into beautiful, artful images to fill the pages of the book. Behind the lens is Yunhee Kim, one of the most talented, masterful photographers I know. There we are, crouched in the even afternoon light that floods the barn floor as I style, and she shoots platefuls of my favorite foods. We're wrapping this half of the shoot tomorrow, and after I put up my feet and rest a wee bit, I'll be back with more. 


Mel & Liza said...

These looks beautiful Sarah!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place to escape to. Enjoy the peace, I hope it feeds your creativity, and recharges you.

Sarah Copeland said...

Thank you so much for stopping in! Isn't it amazing how an old and forgotten place can become a peaceful spot that really does feed creativity! That's my favorite thing about most things in life, like with gardening--anything can become new again with a little love and tending.

Come back soon!

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