Out Of Order

l.i.c., ny

People who find time to cook and write and take photos and post on their blogs regularly inspire me. Actually, they annoy me. How do they get it all done? I’m good with the cooking, the writing, and the photos, but then I often find myself in front of a pair of empty plates, deliriously satisfied and utterly uninterested in my computer. Thus, here I am, shamefully behind.

Many of these moments happened on the road on big and little trips that filled me with stories that I’m dying to share. Notice, if you’re a regular reader, that there is a gaping hole in my July Archives. Those are the weeks I was in Hungary, getting married again {to the same guy}, restoring a 200-year-old farmhouse and hosting my family. It was no time for posting blogs, but a lot of delicious things happened then that I’d still like to tell you about.

And there were two incredible weekends in Vermont, with mushroom hunting and duck confit and pretty little pastries that I can’t forgo sharing with you simply because time ran out.

There were dozens of harvests and simple suppers and meals with people we love that I hope might inspire a more delicious life for some of you. So, you’re going to have to forgive me. I’m going to begin posting my stories and photos all out of order.

If you’re a subscriber, this may cause some confusion. Don’t worry. You’re not going crazy, or going back in time. I am. If you don’t subscribe, you’ll probably never notice, since I feel compelled to back post them on the date they actually happened lest I be accused of lying or misleading my readers or worse, cooking out of season. Never.

I know this is not the point of blogs, but really, this is a collection of stories, essays and images that I hope transcend our cultural fascination with instant information. And besides, I needed time to digest lest I get the hiccups.

So, forgive me. Pretty please?


judy m. said...

i forgive you! i do understand about time...how it can get away from you. sarah, your writing is beautiful...as are your photographs. they both invite reader/viewer in, always leaving us wanting more from you! ahhh, a slave to your fans!

Anjee said...

Don't worry about sequence...your photos are inspiring. I hope I can enjoy as many empty plates...I think I am getting hungry again just looking at those empty plates!!!

Heather said...

I found this funny as I often think of you as the one who can get it all done - and then some! Your stories and photos capture so much emotion and passion for the things you love. I feel like I have a little window into your world, and I love it!

JJPickford said...

I agree with Heather -- I am amazed by your rich and descriptive posts and wonder how you get it all done between inventing amazing new goodies, being a fabulous wife and friend, and living the NYC life. Brava and keep up the great work.

Tara said...

I'm relieved to know another writer functions as I do, with a notebook full of stories untold on the blog, but living to the fullest in memory. I say tell it when you will! I'll be reading!

Frances said...

Love this picture.

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