Here Let Us Feast

harlem, new york

To give thanks for the blessing of a year, it is not necessary to have a large house, a large family, or even a large budget, only a large heart. Such are the hearts of our friends Kirsten and Dario, whose table became the family table of fourteen New Yorkers who are related by love alone.

We fourteen prepared a consummate feast of our favorite foods and traditions, traditions that included a prayer in the languages of all present at the table {French, Hungarian, English and Spanish}, crowns of construction paper, candlelight, word games, and seven styles of pie.

There is only one rule for this kind of entertaining. Make Room. Make room at your table for all who will come {borrow a set of silver from a friend or a few extra chairs from your super}, make room for every tradition {from hymn singing to football tossing}, and make room for the time and the talents of every guest {ask the artist to make name cards, the rock star to rock the play list, the chef to carve, and the socialite to toast}. Make room for new friends and old ones, for spills and imperfections, for surprise guests and early arrivals. Make room for the folks who stay late, for dishes that don’t get done, and for the souls that will be fed by your good cheer. Make room for fun.


Spaniard said...

Make room for my comment...Great pictures, great writing, great times!

Kirsten said...

Your blog is always inspiring! WE loved sharing Turkey Day with you and Andras. Thanks for bringing your serving pieces, your ricer & so much LOVE . You guys are our family away from family here in the city and Thanksgiving would not have meant what it did to us this year without your presence. XOXOX

BBW said...

Looks so lovely! I am crazy about your blog and so completely inspired!

Sarah Copeland said...

Thank you BBW! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit. Please come again!

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