Postcards from El Morro

mexico city, mexico

I can’t quite recall exactly how András and I chose Mexico City as the starting point for our honeymoon, but I can recall the thing that made it hard to leave— hot chocolate and churros from Churreria El Morro. It could be argued by locals that these are actually the second best churros in Mexico City, but nothing could match the atmosphere in this 1930’s institution. There we could sit for hours, waiting for our churros and hot chocolate {Spanish, French, or Mexican style}, watching waitresses come and go in pink pinafores and pearly white loafers as gentleman snapped sections from ring upon ring of freshly fried churros.  Soaked in cinnamon sugar, each stack lasted only half as long as we hoped and seconds were a sure thing.

We’ve have been talking about those churros so much lately that one day recently when we were pedaling back from Brooklyn on a too-cold day, András pulled into the parking lot of Costo to share a dirty little secret with me—$1 a bag churros in the Costco cafeteria.

I’d like you tell you that I slapped his wrist and steered him in a different direction, and that absolutely everything we eat is always and forever more hand made by me. That’s only about 85 % true. The truth is, my lame attempts at a protest weren’t successful. I was too frozen stiff to argue, and besides, have you ever tried to take a toy from a toddler?

Costco’s churros have nothing on the crispy columns with melting interiors we experienced in Mexico. Not even $1 worth. So tonight, while the rest of the world was immersed in the superbowl, I set out to do some quality rewiring on András taste buds with a fresh batch of my own.  

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Heather said...

I am embarrassed to say that I love Costco Churro's. We often use them as bribery for the kids when they behave on our shopping trips there. I need to try this recipe!

Sarah said...

Heather, I love this little detail. For this {bribes}, Costco churros are perfect. A small price to pay for good behavior! ;)

Alex ~ The Food Diva said...

I love churros! I make them twice a year. During apple season I make a ginger churro and serve them with cajeta apples and vanilla ice cream. And of course love them with Mexican chocolate. ~Que bueno!

Claire said...

Can I come and live with you for a while??? Or maybe come stand outside your apartment and hope for leftovers? I'm still dreaming of the ones I had in Spain over Christmas! Also, I hunted down Mei Li Wah after reading your blog and would just like to say that the pork buns weren't good - too much skin, too little filling. But the century egg congee was good - and cheap!

sarah {edible living} said...

Hi Claire, thanks for stopping in! I wish you could come and pull up a bar stool at my kitchen counter. I love good eaters.

I love the congee at Mei Li Wah too! I'm sorry the buns were a disappointment. Try them sometime when you're freezing after a long afternoon bike ride. Maybe that's the secret. ;)

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