Pedaling Gastronome

So, what’s with the bike?

The bike stands equally for playfulness and progress. We couldn’t have gotten very far without the wheel, and my, oh my the places we can go now that we have them! Progress sometimes means looking backward to what used to work and reviving the things we hold dear {thus, the vintage bike} like homegrown and handmade and putting a good old fashioned meal on the table.

As for playfulness, who doesn’t feel carefree and childlike when riding a bike? If you don’t, close your eyes, imagine you’ve just eaten a crepe and you’re now pedaling along the tree-lined sidewalk on the Champs-Élysées. That is part of the philosophy behind Edible Living—inspiring the urge to pack up a picnic, hop on the bike and roll through the day.

My bike basket, or musette bag {side bag} is usually full of goodies. I’ll help make sure yours is too. And yes, you’re on to me—my dear husband is a cyclist, so the bike is a nod to him too. 

What about the shovel?

I’m a gardener, but the shovel represents so much more than just digging in the dirt. When I graduated from journalism school, my professor gave me a garden shovel with a note that said “keep digging.” I have never stopped. The shovel represents curiosity, and the spirit of digging into life to find what you love, always being willing to dig a little deeper to cultivate the joy and goodness you’re looking for.

Now it’s your turn. What does Edible Living mean to you? 

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