Eat Cake, and Vegetables!

It's official, Edible Living is now a published trademark, news that comes with very good timing. After 6 wonderful years at the Food Network, I'm making a leap out of that cozy and very delicious nest to start my own business. With that, comes a lot of questions, like what, exactly, is Edible Living? 

Edible Living is a lifestyle and a philosophy. It is discovering joy in the places and moments where food intersects life, and embracing the stories that fuel our curiosity and delight.

Edible Living is...

         ...full bellies and full lives 

               ...good health and good cheer

         ...discovery and delight

             ...community and sustainability

It's about having your cake, and your vegetables too. 

Most of all, Edible Living is a conversation that I hope you find engaging and inspiring. Please join in, I would love to hear from you! 


Alex ~ The Food Diva said...

Congrats on the new venture!

cbanfalvi said...

Hi Sarah, Congratulations on your new business! I can't wait to hear about your new ventures. My husband and I are in the same position right now, deciding which directions we should go with our own business.

Hope to meet you someday in Budapest!


Michelle, Scott and Ian said...

Well Blondie with each new life change comes wonder and excitement. We wish you delicious, nutritious, fun times ahead!
M, S & I

daniegil said...

Congratulations Sarah! This is so so exciting!

sarah said...

Thank you all for the love and the well-wishes! I can't wait to have each of you as a part of the creative process and inspiration as I move forward! xo

Caroline Wright said...

Sarah, I am so happy for you. You are truly an inspiration-- I look forward to watching where all of your gusto gets you. xox Caroline

The Smiths in NYC said...

Sign me up. I love the entire philosophy.

bcampbell said...

So excited for you! I love that community is part of the philosophy as I see food as a means to get friends, family, and new aquintances together for fellowship!

Tim Vidra said...

So happy to have found this spot. We have the same ideas on food! Looking forward to seeing all you create!

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