shades of white + a sunday oasis

my kitchen upstate is covered in shades of white. milky white tiles canvas the walls. white wooden cabinets conceal a mis-match of kitchen tools and baking grains. ivory ironstone bowls and platters litter the rough wooden shelves, waiting to be filled. i could spend hours upon hours in that kitchen cooking, dreaming, creating— my eyes feasting on every ruby red beet and oxblood orange standing out against the backdrop, beacons of good things to come.

in the city, there is so much color, so much noise. it is rich, but when my mind craves space, it is white I seek. so, when i find a space as drenched with light and possibility as my own country kitchen, i cherish it. 

this {pictured} is the sunday suppers studio, where last sunday night i was invited to teach and prepare a valentine's feast. the studio is an oasis of light and loveliness, a vision of its creator karen mordechai. it is a place i could return to again and again, soaking in the order the as my knife glides rhythmically across the cutting board, leaving rings of blood orange falling from their frame in its wake. 

here, before guests arrived, these quiet moments fed my soul and stoked my spirit. And then we feasted. 

The Menu
Roasted Beets with Ricotta and Pistachios

Carrot Soup with Hazelnuts and Blood Orange-Oil

Braised Short Ribs with Herb and Citrus Germolata

Melted polenta

Little Tangerine Pine Nut Pies

Homemade Chocolate Sorbet

I'll be back later this week with more photos {from karen} and recipes {from me}. Come visit us both very soon.

{visit} http://sunday-suppers.com


Unknown said...

Gorge photos, lady!

Unknown said...

Gorge photos - I'm sure the event was a smashing success!

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