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This morning at 6 am, András and hundreds of other road racers pedaled 30 miles around New York’s Central Park in the first race of the cycling season. When he came home and found me still snug in bed, his first question of course, was “what’s for breakfast.”

For three cycling seasons running, I’ve held the role of #1 fan and feeder-in-chief, which translates to VIP to a man who burns around 1,800 calories on a breezy Saturday morning. Since feeding the ones I love feeds my soul, I gladly accept. But as often as food is fuel for his next ride, the pursuit of good food also fuels our passion for hopping on the bikes together and finding our next feast. That’s why were such big fans of the new cycling travel series dedicated to regional foods, called Pedaling.

The series, which documents the movable feasts of competitive cyclists and commuters, makes stops in some of my favorite city stomping grounds and gives anyone who watches good reason to get out an explore their own city on a bike. 

If you happen to live in my city, New York, I’ve dreamed up two classes at Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center that celebrate food + bicycles, and the launch of Pedaling TV. If you like to eat and ride, or love someone who does, join us: 

Thursday, March 18
A Movable Feast
6 pm to 9 pm

Calling all biking and baking enthusiasts! Come gear up for your own season of pedaling with culinary expert and Pedaling enthusiast Sarah Copeland; tonight's class is devoted to the making of classic doughs  that provide a flavor foundation for high-quality, high-energy fuel for your next cycling adventure. Learn to make homemade sourdough and whole wheat pizza doughs, and versatile pie dough that swings sweet and savory. 

On the Menu: 
Whole-Wheat Flatbread with Fresh Ricotta; Fingerling-Potato Pizza; Mashed Potato + Meat Pies; Little Breakfast Pies with Seasonal Fruit; Musette Pies. 

Thursday, April 29
Food As Fuel: Energy for Biking & Beyond
6 pm to 9 pm

Whether you're getting ready for the Five Boro Bike Tour, your daily commute or weekend ride through the country, pedaling requires high quality endurance foods that are high-energy, low-fat and low-maintenance. Join culinary expert and pedaling enthusiast Sarah Copeland as she unlocks the secret of "food fuel" that's as delicious as it is nutritious. Come prepare an endurance feast to fuel up for your next two-wheeled journey during tonight's family style dinner party. 

On the Menu: 
Hand-made whole-grain soft pretzels, Baja Fish Tacos with Homemade Corn Tortillas, Smashed Plantains with Cotija Cheese and Lime; Horchata Rice Pudding. 

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