{show + tell} A First Family Garden

{photo by stacey beuster}

I get so excited when my friends or families write or call to tell me their putting down roots, a little family plot. And sometimes, when I get lucky, they send me a picture.
I love when a family just dives in, little by little. This sweet garden is the first ever for the Buester family of Washington, IL. From 6 X 6 square feet of raised bed, they might get a dozen home-grown salads,  endless handfuls of tiny tomatoes, and enough cucumbers to munch on with their favorite dip. They aren't setting out to supply their table with each and every meal, because that's not truly the point. The point is, these little babes, Lauren (5) and Lincoln (3) are a part of something living and real. They're learning that food doesn't grow in grocery carts or magically appear on their plate, but that it grows by sun, soil, water and hands like theirs. They'll weed, water (mostly each other) and create a new tradition that I'll bet will grow stronger and more delicious each year.

Gardening is as easy as you make it. So, if you're just starting, start simple. Start small. Just start. Raised beds are great solution for any size family garden. They are cheap and easy to make for DIY-types, and easy to find in garden centers (try here and here) for putting down a fast plot in your yard. I love these smart tips for growing in raised beds, and you can stop in here any time with questions. I'd love to hear from you.

If you have a family garden you'd like to show + tell, write to me at inquiries@edibleliving.com.

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